What We Do

Our fundamental objective of manufacturing is to produce high-quality products from yarn to finished product, to encourage excellence with the efficiency level necessary to maintain its prestige, to attract, develop, and retain employees of the highest caliber, to excel as the superior supplier within Pakistan, and to continually improve its image in international markets.


Crafting Dreams: Explore Our Seamless Journey

International Textile Limited is equipped with high-tech and modern state-of-the-art machinery, which makes the manufacturing process efficient and smooth.
We are a vertically integrated textile manufacturer and can convert raw fiber into finished goods.

Smart Engineering you can feel.
Fabricating dreams in to reality.

Plant Details

Our Quality Assurance standards go beyond the ordinary, as we righteously believe that, along with price and service, it is an integral element of our production. We believe in and make sure that Quality Assurance measures such as regular fabric testing and ensuing inspections are practiced at our factory. Furthermore, our Quality Assurance team submits details directly to the CEO and the Director to ensure impartial and fair reporting.

We meticulously take care of all necessary lab checks strictly according to internationally recognized standards.

  • Color Fastness Test
  • Shade Continuity
  • Crocking
  • Shrinkage
  • Other Necessary Checks based on your requirements

A Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is an integrated mix of QA functions (testing, inspection, audit, etc.) applied in such a way as to ensure an appropriate level of confidence in the quality and safety of a manufactured product, starting from very basic raw materials and accessories to finished products.


ITL management made a strategic decision to centralize the QA function to bring all quality-related activities, including its comprehensive laboratories, under one umbrella. It has created a QA web among different functions of operating divisions. In addition, it facilitates better coordination, and eventually, our customers are the net beneficiaries.


The Laboratory management system works as a database, from yarn to finished fabric testing. The objective of this system is to provide proper data analytics so that necessary corrective actions can be implemented.


Variation exists, especially where subjective and visual evaluation are involved. The company’s objective is to keep the variations as low as possible. The MSA study at the QA Laboratory is conducted to evaluate the concordance of visual rating for change of shade results at the lab, tested against AATCC and ASTM proficiency testing methods to measure and improve concordance within and between appraisers for visual assessment.


Laboratory testing is an integral part of ensuring product quality. It also reflects how the product reliably fits during its entire life cycle.

The AATCC and ASTM proficiency testing programmes allow us to ascertain ITL Laboratory’s proficiency against world-class lab standards. It is an important program, which helps keep standard testing procedures in practice, aligned rigorously with international standards.

In addition, we have successfully established ties with the local network of laboratories. Frequently, we run proficiency testing programs among selected laboratories. It creates an opportunity for test results comparison with no cost involved. A win-win for everyone involved.


  • Laundro Meter
  • Rota Wash
  • Electrolux Washer & tumble
  • HT Dyeing
  • Mini Pad Stream. Ahiba IR Dyeing
  • Data Color 650(Spectrophotometer)
  • Tensile breaking Strength
  • Crock Meter (SDL Compact)


  • Uster Tenso Rapid Tester
  • Uster UT-4
  • Auto Sorter tester
  • Tensile Tester