Our Spinning unit is equipped with high-tech machinery and equipment according to the type of processed material and spun yarn. The use of the most advanced machinery enables the adjustment of optimal under pressure for spinning. The quality of spun yarn, the range of processed raw materials, and the high efficiency of elimination of impurities such as dust and micro-dust, put our spinning unit amongst the best in the region.

Laboratory Spinning Unit

Our ISO-9000 and Social Accountability SA-8000 rewards speak volumes about our approach to excellence. Here, we test our yarn so that it is up to the international standards our brands have achieved globally.


We are the pioneers of Murata Jet Spinning in Pakistan and now have the capability to produce yarn counts ranging from 10’s to 60’s at a speed of 200 to 300 m/min. Not many textile mills in Pakistan follow the MJS technology because it requires high quality workmanship at low-noise level, resulting in a better work environment.