Why Us

We have a good blend and experience with customers, and a clear understanding of international marketing trends and adapt according to the needs and specifications. Cost-effective, premium quality, timely delivery, wider market network, highly productive and will never compromise on quality. We are committed to using materials and processes that are eco-friendly.

Our Global Approach

Research & Development

ITL Lab is a centralized service provider for each of the divisions. All testing of raw materials and finished products of Terry Processing, Garments, and MJS Division is carried out at this facility. The results are matched to world-class standards, which are an important factor in exceeding customers’ expectations.

Through R&D and Quality Assurance, new cutting-edge products have been developed and designed, which is the key to sustainability in the international marketplace.

Since ITL has a large number of international certifications, the lab is equipped to match Oeko-Tex, GOTS, and other standards.

The research and development team has worked hard towards sustainability by reducing basic costs relating to chemicals, auxiliaries, software’s, and dyes in the Terry dyeing system. This gives ITL a competitive advantage. Addressing customer feedback regarding color fastness is the need of the hour.

The primary function of the lab is to be technologically advanced and research based to provide solutions for customers’ needs.

Customers may demand GOTS and OEKO-Tex approved products and at times require special finishes like extra soft, antimicrobial, or flame-retardant finishes, for which ITL has set the methodology to execute and achieve the desired results.

Testing services are also offered to other textile firms, where products are tested for requested criteria.