Corporate Social Responsibility

Standards of Ethical Conduct

We expect our employees to meet clearly stated ethical standards in all aspects of our business by conducting activities with honesty and integrity. Adhering to our Corporate Responsibility (CR) principles and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Leadership and Advocacy

We will establish our own challenging standards in corporate responsibility, appropriate to the complexities and specific needs of our business, building on external guidelines and experience. We will share best practices and seek to influence others while remaining competitive in order to sustain our business.

Medical & Occupational Health Center

International Textile has set up a state-of-the-art medical and healthcare center for its employees to provide 24/7 healthcare services for medical and first aid cases treatment. This is located in the center of the unit and enables operating staff to access it with ease. In the case of any serious safety incident, it provides a critical holding and stabilization space’ for first-aid administration until the ambulance gets to the company’s premises. This significantly contributes to the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Employment Practices

We want to understand the concern of those with an interest in CR issues. We will engage with a range of stakeholders and will communicate openly about how we are addressing CR issues, in ways that aim to meet the needs of different groups while allowing us to pursue legitimate business goals.

Engagement with Stakeholders

We will treat our employees with respect and dignity, encourage ethnic and gender diversity, and ensure fair treatment through all phases of employment. We will provide a safe and healthy working environment, support employees to perform to their full potential, and take responsibility for the performance and reputation of the business. The company will continue to be an equal opportunity employer that actively encourages gender diversity and fosters professional development based on principles of meritocracy.

Fostering a Learning Culture

Our key focus remains on improving performance by continuously identifying, understanding, and adapting the best practices found inside and outside the organization.

ITL is committed to investing in innovative learning initiatives that are of global standards to exceed customer satisfaction.

Training delivery varies from in-house planned training sessions to learning through conferences and seminars conducted by esteemed organizations such as Pakistan Society for Training and Development, Institute of Business Administration, SGS Pakistan, Institute of Business Management, and Small Enterprise Development.

Community Investment

We will make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate; in addition, we invest in health and education programs and partnerships that aim to bring sustainable improvements to underserved people.