Business Units


MJS is an internationally recognized environment-friendly technology, having a very low noise level. This state-of-the-art machine is capable of producing yarn counts ranging from 10s to 60s at a speed of 200 to 300m/min. MJS yarn has superior characteristics like better evenness, less thick places, neps, less classimat yarn faults, and hairiness when compared with conventional spinning technology.

Quality characteristics of cloth produced from this yarn include better wash-ability, less pilling, better wear-ability, less shrinkage, better dye-ability, fewer wrinkles, and better permeability. Furthermore, fabrics are even in appearance, crispy and thicker with better hygroscopic wash-ability and dry-ability when compared with conventional yarn.


Terry towels are our core business. We offer a full range of towel products and winning of towels include Home Towels, Bath Towels, Bath Robes, Shop Towels, Towels, Hand Towels, Huck Towels, Dyed and Super White Towels, Cloth, Bath Sheets, Bar Mops and other variety of towels. Our towels come in multitudes of colors and sizes.


Our product line of garments includes health care and hospitality garments such as Patient Gowns, PJ Pants, Scrub Suits, Surgical Clothes, Blankets, Chef Suits, Butcher Suits, and more.

All these articles come, in a multi-range of colors and attractive designs. We also emphasize on product development through continuous research and also develop as per the requirements and specifications of our clients.


We produce a wide range of Napkins, Table Tops, Aprons, and Kitchen Sets in brilliant colors and designs that are having a track record of appreciation and demand from our prestigious clients. The goods that we produce are used by well-reputed hotels and restaurants around the world.

International Textile Limited (ITL) corporate head office is located in the metropolitan city of Karachi, the financial and commercial capital of Pakistan. The factory is located in Korangi, the Industrial Hub of Karachi is completely self-reliant through its power generation. As part of its global reach, the company manufactures and exports textile products throughout the global market

Plant Details

Jet Spinning

Murata Jet Frames: 17


Shuttle less Looms Air Jet Loom (Jacquard & Dobby)

Wet Processing

Dyeing & Finishing Continuous And Exhausted Processing Machines With Latest Continuous Drying Range.


Computerized Embroidery Machine / Baradin: 2 Machines [40 Heads Total]


Designated separate floors for stitching White & Dyed Towels, Bath Robes, Restaurant Linen and sheeting-ups Total Machines: 400 including Automatic Long Hemming and Cutting Machines.

Warehousing & Shipping

Our warehouse has a capacity to store volume of goods to approx. 50 40’ft containers. We are also providing door delivery services to our strategic business partners.