About Us

Established in the 1970s, International Textile Limited has made a name for itself in the market by proving to be a reliable manufacturer of high-quality Towels, & Textile made-ups. With an annual turnover of $100 million and a daily in-house production capacity of 50 tons in towels, we believe in building the business relationship based on trust.

Primarily being an exporter of towels, we gradually diversified our product line by entering into the Institutional as well as the Retail end of the business.

International Textile Limited (ITL) is an organization, with its corporate head office in the metropolitan city “Karachi” the financial and commercial capital of Pakistan. The company has extensive manufacturing facilities in two locations at Korangi, the Industrial hub of Karachi, which is completely self-reliant through its own power generation. As part of its global reach, the company manufactures and exports textile products throughout the global market.

ITL has an established track record of profitable growth and leadership in the markets that it services. The company’s major products lines include Terry Towels and Made-ups, Garments and Hotel & Restaurant Linen. We also produce high quality healthcare and hospitality Garments. The company’s principal markets include the United States, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia and United Arab Emirates. ITL customers are all tier-one global brands. The company has pursued and successfully executed a vertical integration operating strategy. This continues to be a key driver in establishing it as a proven leader, while delivering measurably superior value to its customers.

World Class Standards


“Engage effectively, responsibly and profitably in the global textile industry”

The company seeks a high standard of performance and aims to maintain a long-term leadership position in the textile market segments in which it competes.


“The opportunity to make a real difference in all aspects of our customer relationships globally.”

At International Textile Limited, we perform in unison by following our values and ethical guidelines code of conduct as a source of guidance and inspiration, which enable us to achieve our vision.


Our core values are Time Management, Integrality, Honesty, Respect, Humanity, and People Development.

We also believe in Teamwork, Empowerment, Commitment, Creativity, Innovation, Empathy, Frugality and Social Responsibility.   

Expected Behavior

Expected behavior at International Textile LTD. includes attributes which are Customer Certainty, Excellence, Respect and Trust.

We also expect Collaboration, Authentic Display of Character, Innovation, Resilience and Do Mentality.    

Research & Development

ITL Lab is centralized service provider to each of the divisions. All testing’s of raw materials and finished products of Terry processing, Garments and MJS Division is carried out at this facility. The results are matched to world class standards which are an important factor in exceeding customer’s expectations.

Through R&D and Quality Assurance, new cutting-edge products have been developed and designed, which is the key to sustainability in the international marketplace.

Since ITL has a large number of international certifications, the lab is equipped to match Oeko-Tex, GOTS and other standards.

Research and development team has work hard to sustainability reduce basic cost relating to chemicals, auxiliaries, software’s and dyes in the Terry dyeing and system. This gives ITL a competitive advantage. Addressing customer feedback regarding color fastness is the need of the hour.

The primary function of the lab is to be technologically advanced and research based to provide solutions for customers’ needs.

Customers may demand GOTS, OEKO-Tex approved products and at times require special finishes like extra soft, antimicrobial, flame retardant finishes, for which ITL has set the methodology to execute and achieve the desired results.

Testing services are also offered to other textile firms where products are tested for requested criteria.