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One of the company’s primary responsibilities at work is to ensure the safety of its employees. We all have a responsibility in this regard – for our own safety and the safety of the people around us including our families.

1      The Company has a systematic approach to health, safety and environment (HSE). It is designed to ensure compliance       with applicable laws. It aims to concurrently achieve continuous performance improvement, aligned with OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 standards.

2      Pursue the goal of no harm to people and embrace the responsibility  to protect the environment.

3      Provide and maintain safe facilities, plant, and equipment, systems and working conditions. It assures that there is no work related risk to the health of its employees, contractors and the host community in which it operates.

4      HSE is a line responsibility. The line set targets for improvement and the company integrates it  with the performance management system.

5     Takes measures to minimize waste, prevent pollution and conserve natural resources.

6     Includes HSE performance in the appraisal of relevant staff.

7     Rewards and recognizes HSE merit.

8     Strives to make HSE an essential part of business operations, including business planning, its implementation, and decision-making.

9     Requires contractors to manage HSE in line with this policy. Provides risk and need based training to employees for improving HSE performance at all levels. Plays a leading role in HSE ‘best practice’ in Pakistan’s textile industry, and internationally.



In line with applicable local laws, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001-2004

Standards and global customers’ expectations.

1     Effectively eliminate workplace injuries and occupational illnesses for all staff involved in the company’s operations.

2     HSE Management of associated matters is a line responsibility. A structured integrated management systems approach to ensure safe and uninterrupted business operations, without harm to the environment.

3    Occupational health & safety risks arising out of workplace factors and conditions are  assessed, eliminated or adequately controlled.

4    Reduce the people impact arising from the company’s operations, products, processes and services. That is, business success through HSE excellence.



The Integrated HSE Management System shall focus to achieve the following goals

1       Zero fatalities and lost time injuries.

2       Implement and continuously improve HSE practices applicable to local regulatory requirements, meet international standards and global customers’ expectations.

3       One hundred percent reporting of workplace safety incidents, occupational illnesses and significant spills.

4       Assess and continuously improve the impact of business activities on the environment by adopting long-term sustainable strategies.  The focus is on approaches which best utilize resources, and prevent pollution through effective control measures, aligned with National Environment Quality Standards NEQS(100% compliance).