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World Class Standards

With such diverse compliance accomplishments such as the Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series 18001-2007, Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and the latest ISO 9001-2008, ITL is committed to providing quality that matches global standards. These international milestones demonstrate ITL’s commitment towards achieving world class quality standards.

The C-TPAT ensures that ITL’s shipments heading to the United State fully comply with Department of Homeland Security’s requirements. Hence, reducing the lead time for customs clearance. Furthermore, ITL’s belief in ethical manufacturing methods has been translated into actual manufacturing practices due to compliance with the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP) and Business Social Compliance, Initiative (BSCI) standards.

To ensure consistent validation of these standards, the company’s manufacturing processes are extensively audited by international organizations. ITL is one of the few Pakistan based global companies that has successfully upgraded to QMS ISO 9001-2008. With particular emphasis on a responsible management, streamlined resources, product realization as well as constant checks and balances on standards, ITL’s focus remains uncompromised on quality standards. The Quality Assurance Product (QAP) involves comprehensive product evaluation at all stages of the supply chain. This commences with raw materials, moves through to all aspects of manufacturing, including rigorous quality assurance throughout the entire process.