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Corporate Social Responsibility


We continue to build International Textile into an increasingly more competitive and efficient company. A company built on strong values and a deep commitment to excellence – a company that our employees, our customers and the communities we work in can be proud of.

Continuing to run our business in a responsible way is centre to our growth. We do not have separate ‘responsible business strategy’ because our commitment to responsible, value-based business underlies everything we do. This means being led by you our values and principles, being transparent about how we work, responding to the needs of our stakeholders, especially by putting customers first in our decision-making, being thoughtful in how we communicate and not compromising on our ethical standards. When we do this, we generate real value for customers and for our business.

·         We are building on a strong culture, in which all our decisions are guided by our values.

·         Commitment to transparency

·         Show respect for people

·         Always demonstrate the highest integrity in our conduct

·         Be customer focused


Operating with Integrity

To truly embed our values, we recognize the need to change how we work, to invest resources and to demonstrate leadership by focusing on providing the information and support our customers’ wants; we will be acting in the best interest of clients. The more we do this, the more our stakeholders and customers will see us as a true partner in delivering the best possible solutions.

Strong values differentiate great companies from mediocre ones. By living our values, we will achieve robust results that are good for society and good for International Textile.

Standards of Ethical Conduct

We expect our employees to meet clearly stated ethical standards in all aspects of our business by conducting activities with honesty and integrity. Adhering to our Corporate Responsibility (CR) principles, and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Research and Innovation

In undertaking our research and in innovating, we may explore and apply new technologies and will constructively engage stakeholders on any concerns that may arise. We will ensure that our products are subject to rigorous evaluation in alignment with internationally accepted quality standards. We will comply with all regulations and legal standards applicable to the research and development of our products.

Products and Customers

We will promote our products in line with our ethical standards and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Caring for the Environment

We will operate in an environmentally responsible manner through systematic management of our environmental impacts, measurement of our performance and setting challenging performance targets. We will improve the efficiency of all our activities to minimize material and energy use and waste generation. We aim to find opportunities to use renewable materials and to recycle our waste.

Employment Practices

We will treat our employees with respect and dignity, encourage ethnic, gender diversity, and ensure fair treatment through all phases of employment. We will provide a safe and healthy working environment, support employees to perform to their full potential and take responsibility for the performance and reputation of the business. The company will continue to be an equal opportunity employer actively encourages gender diversity and foster professional development based on principles of meritocracy.

Leadership and Advocacy

We will establish our own challenging standards in corporate responsibility, appropriate to the complexities and specific needs of our business, building on external guidelines and experience. We will share best practice and seek to influence others, while remaining competitive, in order to sustain our business.

Engagement with Stakeholders

We want to understand the concern of those with an interest in CR issues. We will engage with a range of stakeholders and will communicate openly about how we are addressing CR issues, in ways that aim to meet the needs of different groups while allowing us to pursue legitimate business goals.

Community Investment

We will make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate; in addition, we invest in health and education programmers and partnerships that aim to bring sustainable improvements to under-served people.